MSA: Experience Chart

Began adding an experience chart today, located here. It is not complete and could use help filling in the gaps. Please comment if you are able to provide level title and/or experience for each level. Hoping this will become a useful page.

Happy Mapling!

MSA: New Jobs & Multiple Character slots

With the addition of the new jobs, Bowman and Thief, to MapleStory Adventures, I have updated the Class Information section with the new jobs and some of the skills information. As soon as I get full skill information then I will finish up with that.

After you check out the site, go make a new character. Also, you can now create more than one character. So get to it.

Happy Mapling!

MSA: Website Updates Delay

I apologize to everyone who has been visiting the website for the lack of updates and involvement. I broke the cardinal rule of blogging about being consistent in posts.

So with that, I have been hard at working on a quest guide, for those quests that I know about, and have begun uploading them. At the moment the navigation bar is slightly funky, but it should get you were you need to be. I will be fixing it soon. After the quest section I have many more areas that are on my list to give you absolutely as much information as I can gather for you.

So I hope you continue to visit and enjoy. I have added a forums for the site if any of you would like to hang and socialize about the game. You can also check out and like our Facebook page for updates on the website.

Happy Mapleing!

MSA: Nexon releases v1.8 & Notes

Among some of the changes a couple more interesting ones are the lowering of EXP and Enchanting.

My level 18 character today had a needed experience of over 24,000. Now it needs only over 14,000. A fair experience drop if you ask me.

Next, get ready to use your Enchant scrolls you have been saving. Enchanting is here! Different items take a different number of enchant scrolls to use. Find Alberich the Enchanter in any town to begin the upgrading of items!

There were a few more updates, to read all the notes.

MSA: Updates & Glitch Section

Updated all the sections except for the Quests, Monsters, and Dropped Items to reflect the open beta changes. The other sections will be updated this weekend when I can pull myself away from the game. 🙂

Because peopel have been running into so many bugs in MSA, I have added a page to talk about Bugs & Glitches. If you have any to bugs to report or fixes, please send them this way and I will ass them.