MSA: Updates & Glitch Section

Updated all the sections except for the Quests, Monsters, and Dropped Items to reflect the open beta changes. The other sections will be updated this weekend when I can pull myself away from the game. 🙂

Because peopel have been running into so many bugs in MSA, I have added a page to talk about Bugs & Glitches. If you have any to bugs to report or fixes, please send them this way and I will ass them.


  1. I’m not able to receive any gifts from my friends but i can send gifts to them. I should have over 8 skill permits by now =[.

  2. When i go to maplestory on facebook my home pops out. Then i click travel the world. My home pops out again and the travel the world button dissapear. I also cannot click the map button. Please advise and reply me via email

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