MSA: Updates & Glitch Section

Updated all the sections except for the Quests, Monsters, and Dropped Items to reflect the open beta changes. The other sections will be updated this weekend when I can pull myself away from the game. 🙂

Because peopel have been running into so many bugs in MSA, I have added a page to talk about Bugs & Glitches. If you have any to bugs to report or fixes, please send them this way and I will ass them.

Open Beta Eve

Since the end of the closed beta I have been sifting and organizing my 1,000 plus screen shots, creating new images, reorganizing my text file and coding some new pages. I have been busy. While I am not as far along on this site as I want to be I am still dedicated to getting all the information I have gathered up, up online. I will still be adding new sections detailing collections, free gifts sending, friend requests, mystery & treasure boxes, equips, pets, daily bonuses, NPCs, maps, etc.

With the open beta some things will be different in the game so I apologize now for potentially out of date information and I will strive to get the information I currently have updated as soon as possible.

Monster Drop Items

On the eve of the open beta I have added a page detailing all the drops from the monsters. After reviewing the page I did discover that I had accidentally left out all traces of the mystery boxes and treasure boxes. Those will be added in soon to both the items drop and monster pages.

I was planning on getting more of the quests up online, but I ran into a small hiccup and have been delayed with that. very soon more quests will be up.

Questing Guide

I have temporarily halted work on the pages I had started in favor of the quest section of the site. I have found myself extremely behind schedule so I have switched gears to something that I believe will be more useful. The first installment of the questing guide will showcase quests up to the Kerning City quests. After that I will switch gears back to the Hiring page, Collections information and Magic Stone page.

MapleStory PvP

With the latest patch Chaos: Age of Battle PvP comes to MapleStory. An interesting thought being that it has taken over 6 years and a closed beta to get into the PvP scene. If you haven’t been around the Maple world in awhile it might be time to come by and check it out again. Since Big Bang nearly everything has changed.

Class Information

Added a nearly complete page today detaining information about the two classes so far released in MapleStory Adventures. Warriors and Magicians. I played a magician in the closed beta so I know more about that class, but I have been able to obtain some information about the Warrior class. Since it is not complete, if you have any information of pictures you would like to share with us, send me an email.

Pages still to come and being worked on are an Item Drops page, Hiring and Collections.

Monster Drops & Energy

Added all the monster drop items to the monsters page. Additionally I added a page detail some information on the energy system. Click the following links for the pages: and .

Next up I will be working on finishing up a more comprehensive drop item section that will detail who drops what items. Also planned are pages detailing the Hiring process, collection information and the character classes.

Monsters Are Here

The monster section of the website is nearly complete. Added complete information on monsters up to level 29 and partial information on monsters level 30. Currently working on the drop items section and when that is complete I will update the monsters page with their dropped items.