Cygnus Knights’ Book (Complete)

A recording of the conversation I had with the book containing Cygnus’ thoughts.

Who are you?

My name is Cygnus. This is the first volume of my books that contain my thoughts. I am the emperor of Maple World although some call me the young empress.

Who is the Black Mage?

He tried to destroy the entire world long time ago… There are hardly any documents left about him now. Things written about the Black Mage were so vile and evil that people didn’t want to even think about it.

However, if the Black Mage is to be resurrected, that will truly be a nightmare no one wants to think about. Until now, a small group of elite knights have fought against the Black Mage, but the power of the mage is growing stronger.

Elite knights?

It’s a group of knights I created in order to defeat the Black Mage. They are called ‘Cygnus Knights’. It’s made up of people with different jobs and they fight against the Mage’s followers. Lately, it seems like the knights are getting tired.

So I’ve been recruiting for more knights. Black Mage’s followers are those who are trying to resurrect him.

Where can I meet you?

Ereve… A drifting island that has been enabled by the spirit’s power to float around. Because of the spirit’s power and the power of the Benedict, any monster or the Black Mage cannot enter. Once I’m ready to recruit more knights, I am planning to settle down in one spot and start recruiting.

What is a Benedict?

Benedict is very large… probably about a hundred times bigger than you. It’s an organism of blessing. Following tradition, Maple’s emperor is chosen by the Benedict.

When the Benedict chooses a person, he or she becomes the emperor of Maple World and the Benedict will always protect them and never abandon them.

The Benedict is watching out for me from above Ereve right now as we speak.

Who are the Cygnus Knights?

The Black Mage, who brought chaos to Maple World in the past, is about to be resurrected. According to our tactician, Nineheart, this state of peace will not last forever. Before the Black Mage is awoken again, we must grow our strength.

So in order to raise an army that will be able to fight against the Black Mage, I am recruiting for the Cygnus Knights.

Can anyone become a knight?

Any maple adventurer can become a knight but there is one condition. You must at least be level 20 or higher to create a Cygnus Knight character.

Then does my character transform into a knight?

No. The knight character must be created as a new character. However, I will use my special spirit powers to connect the character who colunteers for knighthood and the newly created knight character.

The two characters connected by the spirit’s power can help each other as their own levels advance.

The spirit’s power?

The original character will gain a skill called the ‘Spirit’s Blessing’. This skill increases as the knight character’s level increases.

Then can I volunteer for the knighthood right now?

No, not yet. We are still in the stage of preparation. Each of the head knights are working hard to finalize the recruitment process.

Head Knight Mihile

My faithful knight, Mihile, was born to be a warrior. He was given the spirit’s blessing in order to fight evil. Those who first meet him say he’s cold and intimidating, but he is my faithful knight with a good heart who is always protecting me.

Head Knight Oz

Oz who used to be a Mage from the heavens has been blessed by the spirit of fire. He is such a friendly and gentle mage. He gets in trouble by Irena sometimes because he forgets to do his job.

Head Knight Irena

Irena is an archer who has recieved the blessing of the spirit of wind. She often helps out with Oz’s work who is a bit clumsy. She is always clam and objective and has a very beautiful heart.

Head Knight Eckhart

Eckhart is a thief who has been bestowed with the blessing of the spirit of darkness. It’s hard to see his face because it’s always covered with a thief mask. Because of his sarcastic remarks, sometimes he and Mihile butt heads but his heart is still very sincere.

Head Knight Hawkeye

Hawkeye, who has been blessed by the spirit of lightning, is a cheerful pirate. He is always lightening up the mood of the knighthood.

However, when I give him an assignment, he takes it as seriously as anyone. He is a great knight.

What is a Dawn Warrior?

A Dawn Warrior is a swordsman who is one with the spirit of light. They are led by Mihile who has been bestowed with the blessing of the spirit of light to fight against evil. Dawn Warriors draw their power of light on their sword.

What is a Blaze Mage?

A Blaze Mage is a mage that is one with the spirit of fire. They are led by Oz who has been bestowed with the burning power of the spirit of fire. These mages can use their magic to increase the spirit’s power and freely control it.

What is a Wind Archer?

A Wind Archer is an archer who is one with the spirit of wind. They are led by Irena who has been bestowed with the blessing of the ever freely flowing spirit of wind. Wind Archers can concentrate the spirit’s power on their bow to shoot an arrow with great force.

What is a Night Walker?

A Night Walker is a thief who is one with the spirit of darkness. They are led by Eckhart, who has been bestowed with the blessing of the spirit of darkness. They can fight against enemies who cannot be destroyed with the power of light. Night Walkers can not only use the spirit’s power, but they can shoot out a powerful poison as well.

What is a Thunder Breaker?

A Thunder Breaker is a pirate who is one with the spirit of lightning. They are led by Hawkeye, who has been bestowed with the blessing of the spirit of lightning which controls the power of electricity to strike an enemy.

I think I know all of them now.

You have read all the books on the Cygnus Knights. By using the ‘Cygnus Knight Quiz’ book which will be dropped shortly, you can take the quiz and also recieve reward as well. I wish you good luck. Until the recruitment for the knighthood begins, may the spirit’s blessing be with you…

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